Star vase


A modern 3d printed vase with a beautiful visual effect when seen on top view: it resembles a star.


3d printed vase constituted of 2 parts easily assembled using small filament bits. A detailed pdf instructions manual is included with the stl files.

Vase dimensions: 140mm tall / 80mm wide

The Star 3d printed Vase idea

The idea behind “Star Vase”, started with the concept to create a decorative vase from test tube. Initially I had tried to develop a kind of support to hold the test tube, that works like a vase.

The concept evolved and I came up with the original solution to make the test tube together with the support.

The final results was this elegant vase were the inner part, that simulates a test tube, appears to float over the support sustained just for thin rods.

The square rods are gracefully put in the corners of the triangles that constitutes the base, giving a impression of a constant movement to maintain it balanced.

Also the rods and the base´s triangles delimits open areas forming the remains of the vase, that in this way is made of air.

Surprisingly when looked from the top it forms a perfect star, were the vase´s name comes from.

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