Folding Hook


This Folding Coat Hook has a double sided adhesive tape placed on back, with this it can be mounted over a wide variety of surfaces like the internal wardrobe sides or a bathroom wall. It occupies a minimum space when folded and is strong enough to hold a winter coat.


A 3d printable model for a  folding coat hook that prints in an unique piece, when folded it forms a 50 mm disc.

Cover the backside of it with a double sided adhesive tape, it makes possible to mount the folding hook over a wide variety of surfaces like wood, ceramic or painted wall.

To mount the adhesive tape sand the back until it becomes smooth, its will improve the load capacity. The surface where the folding coat hook will be mounted also should be cleaned and made dust free for a good adhesion.

Printing settings for folding coat hook model

Print it with PLA or a more strong material like ABS or PTEG, 50% to 100% infill, 0.2mm resolution.

The model is printed with the front facing printbed as showed in the last figure, no support or other auxiliary structures are needed.

To free the hook from its base use a sharp knife, make it with care slowly forcing the hook arm movement until it moves freely.

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