Kitchen Sponge Holder

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Two designs of a minimalist kitchen sponge holder, one to be used in sinks with a stainless  steel tabletop and other for general use.



Two different  design for a kitchen sponge holder are presented for this 3d printable model, the magnetic sponge holder uses a magnet attached in its base to be used with a stainless steel  sink tabletop and the suction cup sponge holder has a suction cup in its base and  can be used with any kind of sink tabletop.

The kitchen sponge holder for stainless steel tabletop uses a 20mm round magnet inserted in a case with the base, there are two different stl files for this 3d model: the base itself and the cover cap for the magnet case.

The magnet used in magnetic sponge holder model is a round neodymium magnet with 20mm of diameter and a thickness of 3mm, but the model is designed in such a way that two 2mm thick magnets or one 4mm  thick can also be used.

The magnets for  kitchen sponge holder 3d project can be found here: 20 x 3mm magnet , and a compatible  suction cup here: 40mm suction cup .

The suction cup sponge holder designed for general use has a hole in this base where a 48mm suction cup should be inserted.

  • stl files: 3
  • 3printer settings: height 0.2mm, infill 25%, support: NO

Tips for printing the kitchen sponge holder models:

  • refer to figures for the proper orientation on print bed and NO supports will be necessary.
  • can be printed in PLA but is recommended to use ABS or PTEG if warm water is used in your sink.
  • we recommend to glue the magnet cap on the base for the magnetic version, also don´t compress the base without the cap attached.
  • in the suction cup version be careful when inserting the suction cup on the base and use the large aperture for insertion, this way the base will not be over stressed.

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