Kitchen Squeegee Holder


A kitchen squeegee holder provides a stable place to rest the small squeegee used on the kitchen sink. With this holder the kitchen squeegee will always be within reach, and also is a beautiful garnish for your kitchen.


Two different versions are available for this kitchen squeegee holder:

A magnetic version to be used in a kitchen sink with stainless steel tabletop and a suction cup version that can be used in any kind of tabletop material.

Magnetic Kitchen Squeegee Holder

The magnetic kitchen squeegee holder has three .stl files: Squeegee-Holder-Magnetic_Base ; Squeegee-Holder_Top and Magnet-Case-Cap, the figure shows how these parts should be assembled together.

It also uses a round Neodymium magnet that can be 3 or 4mm thick, alternatively two 2mm thick Neodymium magnet can be used.

One important thing is to glue the magnet cap on the base after inserting the magnet, this will avoid the magnet from coming out and also prevents water to get inside.

The magnet used in this project can be found here: 20 x 3mm magnet

Suction  Cup Kitchen Squeegee Holder

The suction cup kitchen squeegee holder is  3D printed using the Squeegee-Holder-Suction-Cup_Base and the Squeegee-Holder_Top .stl files, the assembly of the top over the base is the same as the magnetic version.

The suction cup used is a 48mm wide and special care should be taken when inserting the suction cup in the base, as a improper insertion  can cause the base to be broken in the hole region.

The suction cups for this project can be found here: suction cup

As this kitchen squeegee holder has little mechanical stress on it PLA filament with 25% infill and a resolution of 0,2mm can be used for a good printing.


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