Magnetic clips


An innovative approach to Magnetic clips: the magnet also servers as a spring to maintain the clip closed providing the grip force, with this no spring is necessary at all.


Printed in one piece, this Magnetic Clips uses the magnetic repulsion force to actuate as a spring. The same magnets also makes possible to attach the clip in a metallic surface like a fridge.

In this project two round neodymium magnets are necessary, these  magnets can be found with this link: 20 x 3mm neodymium magnet .

These magnets are mounted in opposition, that means that the face the magnets shows to each other should have the same polarity.

The magnetic repulsion force is sufficient to maintain the two magnets in place, but if you don´t fell comfortable glue the magnets in its housing.

Magnetic Clips printing parameters

The better choice to print this model is an ABS or PTEg filament, but it also can be printed with PLA.

Uses a 50 to 100% infill  this part is subjected to a heavy mechanical stress.

Resolution of 0.2mm.

No support or rafts are necessary, follow the orientation showed in the figure to orient model on printbed.



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