Magnetic Hooks

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A general use magnetic hooks that can be used in any magnetic surface like fridge, computer desk, metal shelf or anywhere you want in the house, it´s designed to handle light loads.

Get the magnet used in this project at 20 x 3mm magnet here



These magnetic hooks uses a 20mm round magnet, a 3 or 4mm thick magnet or two 2mm can be used. The magnet or magnets are inserted inside the base according to the figure and a cap seals the magnet inside. It´s always a good idea to glue the cap to avoid the magnet to jump off.

Two different 3d printer stl files are given: Magnetic-Hook.stl and Magnet-Case-Cap.stl, PLA filament is a good choice for magnetic hooks 3d model, no support is necessary if the printing orientation is according to the figures, it is printed with 0.2mm height and 25% infill.

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