Wall Tealight Candle Holder


This tealight wall candle holder uses an adhesive tape to be fixed on the wall, the front parabolic face can be covered with a reflective surface, like aluminum foil, to help concentrate the light.  It can also be used standing over a surface, the effect is a powerful lantern taking the most useful light of the tealight candle.

This wall candle holder also works great with this Flameless Led Tealight

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The wall tealight candle holder is an elegant solution for a wall sconce, it is designed to use a regular 38mm x 15mm tealight candle, but other height tealight can also be used. The circular hole in the bottom is useful to remove the used candle, just push it.

The front curved surface is covered with a reflective tape or aluminum foil, and the back where the adhesive double sided tape is placed need to be sanded until it became smooth to assure a good adhesion.

The heat produced by the tealight is maintained far from the plastic surfaces, so PLA can be used to 3D print this wall tealight candle holder, 20% infill should be enough and a 0.2mm resolution gives a good result. As far as the printer bed orientation is followed according the figures, no support is necessary to print this thing.


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